Sleepy saturday…

Polska wersja jest tutaj ❤

This is one of the last weekends I am not working. Frankly speaking I’m glad that I’ll be working during every weekend since February. I never manage to accomplish much since the uni stuff is always on my mind (uni + worry = stress). So with a busy weekend I can at least be usefull.

And I love my job, too. Not many people can say that, but I work as a support worker for people with learning difficulties and so far it is a very rewarding job. In fact, I never imagined myself doing this job. When you are young, you think you’re gonna be an astronaut or a vet, but a job like this would never come to your mind, even though I loved helping people since I was little. It is really a lovely job if the people you are working are nice, too. So I guess, I can call myself lucky.

You see, I have a skin condition (dermatitis, which btw. IS CURABLE), so working in a factory (like I used to work almost every Summer) isn’t an option and due to aesthetics you are not likely to become a waitress either (yes, I tried). I have big aspirations to become a fitness instructor, but after my work experience at the local gym, the reality hit me in the face – and it was pretty hard. Standing all day, watching people exercising isn’t as fun as I imagined. I applied for lots of jobs unsuccessfully, but I always believe that everything happens for a reason. If you watched „The Secret” you know exactly what I am talking about. My granddad was really worried, but I kept replying to Him „Everything happens for a reason Dziadzia”. So I strongly believed that the job will come to me one day, and in fact it did!

One day, I went to my boyfriend’s place to do my assignment, and as he was busy with his work, I randomly started going through different websites on my laptop. I am not entirely sure how I found the advertisement for my future-to-be work, but it just happened. I didn’t have much hope but I started filling the application anyway. D. (my boyfriend) helped me a little and so I sent it away. When I did my Summer job (National Citizen Service), I got an email congratulating me on my initial interview. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a camp in a forest and I wouldn’t be able to get to the interview on time. I replied with a polite note to be considered when I’d be available during after the Summer.

August ended and so did the NCS, and soon after I received my email with another congratulations (bear in mind how many times unsuccessfully I applied for other jobs). I was surprised because they did it without any reminding them that I still exist and I’d gladly work for them. So I dressed up nicely (sort of official + a bit of Jola), got to my interview (on a bike, like a real student does) and just were myself. I can’t lie, so I wasn’t pretending to be anyone else. The questions were hard, but I was honest. If I didn’t know the answer I didn’t pretend to know it. The interviewers made me aware that it would take several weeks until my next interview and so I shouldn’t be worried. It was Friday.

On Monday, I got a call from them asking if I could come for another interview, which was Friday the same week (yes, I was internally screaming at that point). Interview was pretty much similair but the questions were a lot harder. Fortunately, I did some research about the company before the interview and that  boosted my confidence. Again, they made me aware that the whole process would take ages. I replied to them „Oh, that’s fine. I might just get a heart attack” and we both laughed. Next week on Thursday, my future manager called me to let me know, they’d be happy for me to join the team. After the call, I had to do a happy dance, cause I was just too happy.

So there you go. This is my message to you: Don’t worry, it will come to you effortlesly, but you have to trust it and act on your intuition and the highest excitement. You really can’t go wrong with that.

Love you Guys,
RawJola ❤


One thought on “Sleepy saturday…

  1. Super wpis! Co ciekawe, zanim zorientowałam się, że jest wersja po polsku już zdążyłam wszystko przeczytać po angielsku :p a co tam, trochę więcej angielskiego nie zaszkodzi! 😀
    Fantastycznie, że to wszystko tak się potoczyło! Sekret naprawdę jest niesamowity, ja też przyciągnęłam do swojego życia wiele rzeczy, wydarzeń, osób… Cudowna sprawa! Nic się nie dzieje bez przyczyny, widocznie musiało tak być, a odnośnie wcześniejszych niepowodzeń – masz jak myślisz (ostatnio moje motto). Wystarczyło zmienić swoje podejście i nagle wszystko się odwróciło.
    Życie jest piękne! 😀
    Buziaczki!!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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